One reason why people who don’t have an elaborate skin routine often have lovely skin may have to do with something called the ‘natural moisturising factor’ (NMF, for short), a collection of naturally-occurring compounds that sit within the top layers of skin. Keeping this collection of amino acids and other compounds as healthy and efficient as possible can significantly increase your skin’s health.

Boost your NMF’s efficiency:

  • Keep your skincare routine simple

    Overusing skincare products disrupt the NMF and weaken skin. So minimise over-cleansing and over-exfoliation.

  • Use high quality ingredients free from additives

    Think of food. It’s a lot harder for your system to process heavily processed foods. Same with skin. Make it easy for your skin to absorb the goodness in high quality skincare products.

  • Moisturise with products that contain humectants

    Hyaluronic Acid is a great humectant, delivering a water-binding compound that makes attracting and absorbing moisture easy for skin.

A healthy NMF:

  • Keeps the skin elastic and supple
    The amino acids in the NMF help loosen skin’s keratin fibres or proteins that regulate cell activity to make the skin more supple and less likely to flake or crack.

  • Helps skin look smooth
    Another benefit of the NMF is that it activates hydrolytic enzymes. This is a fancy way of saying NMF helps your skin easily shed old, flaky skin cells, ultimately leading to a smoother feel.

  • Creates a protective barrier
    The very top layer of skin, or, “stratum corneum”, is made of cells called corneocytes.  When hydrated by the NMF, corneocytes achieve the correct balance. This allows them to regulate water coming into or out of the skin, in effect creating a barrier. This helps the good stay in the body while keeping the bad out.


  • Hormones

  • Pollution

  • Weather, specifically not enough humidity

  • Diet 

  • Stress

  • Cleansing with harsh cleansers

  • Overbathing 

  • Too much sun exposure 

  • Skin becoming too hydrated

  • Natural effects of aging, which reduce the amino acid content in the skin.

Bottom line is a simple skincare routine with great quality ingredients will work with your skin’s natural ability to reach its healthiest state.