Our products sit at between 5.2 and 5.6 PH levels depending on each batch.

Our products sit at between 5.2 and 5.6 PH levels depending on each batch.

TIPS TO ensure your skin maintains a healthy PH balance:


When I meet people and start talking skincare I am often surprised how many people say they do a serious cleanse in the morning. If you cleanse at night and sleep in a relatively clean bed (lol) then you should be okay to rinse off your face with clean water.

According to Dr. Zoe Draelos, Consulting Professor of Dermatology at Duke University,

“Skin pH rises 1.1 points following washing with water alone, 1.2 points after washing with alkaline soap, and 0.9 points after washing with a synthetic detergent beauty bar” 

Research shows that once you do clean your skin with a cleanser that has a high pH, your skin naturally works to restore the acid mantle in order to get your ‘good bacteria’ or microbiome settled but this is an unnecessary stress for your skin and can eventually weaken its health. If you do love an alkaline cleanser then a swipe of Apple Cider Vinegar can balance your skin out. And just because a product says it’s pH balanced, beware: One study found two of the gentlest cleansers, Johnson’s Baby Oat Soap and Nivea Baby Creamy had the highest pH around 12.35 which is significantly higher than the average dish soap. 

Plus for all you London readers - we have hard water with a high PH level so go easy on the washing!

Olive Oil Anyone?

I am sure you have a really good stash of high quality olive oil in your cupboard. Our DREAM Cleanser is a great product with a perfectly balanced (5.3) pH level, but if you want to go completely DIY, then using some olive oil in the same way you use an oil cleanser works really well.

A Balanced Diet

No surprise here. Having a balanced diet and balancing the pH of what you put in your body effects your skin’s pH levels. The body runs at its most efficient with a slightly alkaline pH of between 7.365 to 7.45. Don’t cut out lemons and citrus as a way to lower the acid levels in your system as they become alkaline forming in the body after digestion. Most animal products and processed foods can boost acid in your body, that’s why fruits and vegetables are beneficial to a good pH balance.

Sun Exposure

Sadly, exposure to the sun is another culprit in throwing your pH balance off. Cover up!

Product choices

Desavery products have a range of pH readings within the 5ish zone. Because we use natural plant ingredients there is some variation but we check this with each batch. Our DREAM Oil Cleanser is a great way to protect the skin’s microbiome and pH levels, Prickly pear seed oil which is the main ingredient in both STELLAR and LIT! is chocked full of vitamin E/tocopherol and high levels of antioxidants which are key to keeping skin strong and healthy.