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Creating a skincare routine that works for you

 There is a dizzying amount of information when it comes to skincare.

This guide can help you cut through the noise and suggest a few habits that will get your skin looking its best whatever your age and whatever DNA you’ve been handed. The goal of any skincare routine is to tune up your complexion so that it’s functioning at its best so you feel and look your best.

In order to achieve this I suggest understanding the key steps:

Cleansing - yes! But not too much. We all have an ‘acid mantle’ on our skin and it’s this protective barrier that keeps moisture in and bad bacteria out. When you overcleanse or use a strong cleanser you strip off this protective barrier leaving your skin weak and vulnerable. Unless you have very oily skin, then just cleanse at night and rinse your face in the morning.

Toning - think of this as a supplement. A shot of fast-penetrating hydration.

Moisturising - hydrating and softening skin. These can work in different ways depending on the product: an occlusive seals in moisture, an humectant adds moisture and an emollient softens skin.

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Tops tips:

Layering - the number one question I am asked is if it matters what order you use products. Start lightest to heaviest and if you are using an oil then apply that last (except for your SPF which goes on very last).

Give it time - just like exercise or healthy eating, it can take time to see results. Consistency is key and it can take a couple of weeks to see results.

Morning versus Evening Routines - this is completely personal. Definitely cleanse at night to remove dirt, pollution and makeup. Using a serum or oil at night is lovely as our skin cells go into ‘repair mode’ (lots of new studies about this) and we can really benefit from applying nourishing products at night. On the other hand preparing your skin for the day especially when you use a hyaluronic acid is great as it smooths and plumps skin.

Trio is a complete skincare routine.

Trio is a complete skincare routine.