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our products deliver incredible skincare and impact your biochemistry

so you’ll look as good as you feel



Desavery started as a challenge: develop pure plant-based products to improve performance, mood and cognition while offering superb skincare. Ethnobotany, ingredients sourced from all over the world and the science of plant oils on mood and mind have come together to create Desavery.



Our products are formulated to help you look your best but also be your best. They literally change your brain chemistry as you use them.  Whether you want to start the day with lower cortisol levels or end the day with a cleanser that helps you sleep, we're biohacking beauty. Beautifully.




Feel good.

Feeling good is the single biggest thing you can do to look good. Our products harness the scientifically proven connection between inhaling specific essential oils and the brain's limbic system. You'll look as good as you feel.

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Look good.

Our products nourish, hydrate, protect and repair skin using the most effective plant ingredients for the job. We've drawn on new published scientific research and ethnobotany (the history of plants and medicine across cultures).

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Be good.

We choose ingredients that are sustainable like vetiver. Pictured above, it detoxifies water through its roots and prevents soil erosion. Our main ingredient in our serums is from prickly pear - a crop the UN has identified as sustainable in the face of climate change.

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Do good.

When you buy any of our facial serums, we'll donate 5% of our profits to support the women who make our prickly pear seed oil. They can choose their own work hours and are offered literacy, childcare and healthcare support